Transcendental Buddhalien Tapestry

$ 39,99

Let your mind travel beyond the stars with this incredible image of a meditating alien in a lotus flower position, resting atop a magical Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

As you marvel at the beauty of this alien being, you are transported into the lush and mysterious cosmos, where uncharted worlds and distant galaxies await your exploration. Feel inspired to connect with the universe and discover the depths of your own being through the contemplation of this unique art.

Technical description:
Large 78 x 59 inches
100% Polyester
Detailed printing and deep colors
Machine washable

Please note that the image shown is merely illustrative, so colors may vary depending on the type of screen used. Also, the size shown may differ a little from the actual size.

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Transcendental Buddhalien Tapestry
$ 39,99