Ricky Trippy Meditation

$ 39,99

Meditation is a powerful practice that helps us connect with our inner selves and find balance amidst the chaos of life.

In this art, we see Rick meditating and transcending, with his brain outside his skull, kind of exploding, giving a feeling of enormous expansion of consciousness. Do the four arms perhaps refer to some Hindu deity? The orbs around it, I believe represent the chakras, the energy centers of the body, each with its corresponding color. Art is a true explosion of colors and symbolism, which will enrich any environment.

Technical description:
Large 78 x 59 inches
100% Polyester
Detailed printing and deep colors
Machine washable

Please note that the image shown is merely illustrative, so colors may vary depending on the type of screen used. Also, the size shown may differ a little from the actual size.

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Ricky Trippy Meditation
$ 39,99