Reiki Amulet – Orgonite 7 Chakras

$ 29,99

Have you ever felt drainedand having trouble concentrating?

This is an energy protection amulet, which helps block negative energies and keep your vital energy in balance.

With this amulet, you will feel protected and safe during your day to day life and also in your Reiki practices, and you will be able to connect more easily with the universal energy.

Additionally, 7 chakra stones help balance your energy centers, improving your health and well-being.

Cho Ku Rei

Clearing negative energies and activating a protective field around its bearer, the Cho Ku Rei symbol on the amulet provides calm and tranquility, in addition to acting as an activator for the Law of Attraction.

The Power of the Stones

Protection, concentration, spirituality

Lapis lazuli
knowledge, wisdom, communication, self-confidence and creativity

energy, protection, prosperity and abundance

Green Aventurine
luck and creativity

wealth, protection and willpower

Tiger Eye
action, courage, confidence and determination

Red Jasper
stability, protection and grounding

Material: Natural Stones and Resin
Size: 35mm
Weight: 22g

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Reiki Amulet – Orgonite 7 Chakras
$ 29,99