Pyramid Orgonite Tiger’s Eye Radionic MWO

$ 139,99

Transform negative energy into positive energy with the MWO Radionic Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid
The MWO Radionic Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid is a powerful tool to transform negative energy into positive energy. This technology is based on a mixture of organic resin, metals and crystals, which together create a positive energy field capable of neutralizing the negative energy present in your environment.

Benefits of Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s eye is a crystal known for its protective and emotional balancing properties. He is able to increase inner strength and courage, protect against negative energies and balance emotions.

Amplify the energies present in your environment with the Orgonite Pyramid
In addition to transforming negative energy into positive energy, the geometric shape of the Orgonite Pyramid amplifies the energies present in its environment, creating a powerful energy field that can be used for different purposes, such as meditation, healing and energy balance.

Balance your energy field with Lakhovsky’s MWO radionic antenna
The radionic antenna MWO (Multiple Wave Oscillator) is a technology developed by the Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky. She is able to work on a more specific level, helping to balance the human energy field. The antenna uses electromagnetic frequencies that are able to resonate with different parts of the human body, helping to reorganize and balance the energy field and promoting natural healing.

The Pyramid Orgonite Tiger’s Eye Radionic MWO: a functional and beautiful decoration object
The combination of orgonite technology, the shape of the pyramid, the MWO radionic antenna and the yellow tiger’s eye crystal, makes this Orgonite Pyramid a functional and beautiful decoration object, which can be used in any space to promote emotional balance, protection against negative energies and harmony. In addition to bringing benefits to your health, the MWO Radionic Tiger’s Eye Orgonite Pyramid is also an elegant decorative piece that can be used in any environment in the home or office. With its unique and attractive design, the pyramid can add a sense of tranquility and serenity to the environment in which it is placed.

The positive energy emitted by the pyramid can help improve mood, increase creativity and productivity. In addition, the combination of the yellow tiger’s eye crystal with the MWO radionic antenna can bring balance and harmony to the environment, helping to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the energy in your home or office, the MWO Radionic Tiger’s Eye Orgonite Pyramid could be the perfect solution. With its health benefits and aesthetic beauty, this pyramid is a worthy addition to any environment.

Technical description:
Height: 6cm
Base: 6cm
Weight: 130g

Oh look:
As the pyramids are produced by hand, they can have bubbles and scratches and the crystals can have different colors and shapes.

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Pyramid Orgonite Tiger’s Eye Radionic MWO
$ 139,99