Pyramid Orgonite Flower of Life Obsidian

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Transform your energy with Snowflake and Flower of Life Obsidian Orgonite

What is orgonite?
Device that uses Wilhelm Reich’s technology to transform negative energy into positive energy. It is composed of a combination of organic (such as resin) and inorganic (such as crystals) materials that are capable of attracting, accumulating and transforming energy. The resin in orgonite attracts negative energy, while the crystals within it help transform it into positive energy. The result is a clean, balanced energy field that can help improve health, well-being and quality of life.

The energy of Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake obsidian is a powerful stone that has protective and healing properties. She is able to clear your energy, ward off negativity and help with emotional and spiritual healing. Snowflake Obsidian can also help increase your connection to the spirit world and hone your intuitive abilities.

The Symbol of the Flower of Life
A sacred geometric figure representing creation and life. He has the ability to create a high frequency energy field that helps to raise the vibration of everything around him. This can help improve air, water and food quality, as well as create a more balanced and harmonious environment in your home or workplace.

By combining orgonite technology with the energy of snowflake obsidian and the flower of life symbol, this orgonite becomes a powerful tool that can help improve many aspects of your life. Among the benefits of snowflake and flower of life obsidian orgonite, we can highlight:

  • Clears and balances the energy around you
  • Increases vitality and creativity
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Helps with emotional and spiritual healing
  • Creates a high frequency energy field
  • Improves air, water and food quality
  • Creates a balanced and harmonious environment in your home or workplace

With all these energies and technology combined, this orgonite is a powerful tool that can help improve many aspects of your life. Use it during meditation, spiritual practices or in your everyday life to enjoy its energetic benefits and transform your life in a positive way.

Technical description:
Height: 6cm
Base: 6cm
Weight: 130g

Oh look:
As the pyramids are produced by hand, they can have bubbles and scratches and the crystals can have different colors and shapes.

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Pyramid Orgonite Flower of Life Obsidian
$ 169,99