Pyramid Orgonite Black Obsidian Protection

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An energy healing tool that works through the principle of energy transmutation, while Black Obsidian is a volcanic stone known for its protective and healing properties. By combining them, it is possible to obtain an even more powerful tool for energy healing and emotional and physical balance.

Black obsidian
Able to absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, while the orgonite pyramid helps to direct and transmute this energy into positive and balanced energy, purifying and balancing the environment and promoting a healthy flow of energy.

Black obsidian also helps to release pent-up emotions, overcome trauma and emotional blockages, as well as deal with feelings of anger, fear and sadness. In addition, it can help strengthen the immune system, relieve muscle aches and tensions, as well as improve digestion and blood circulation.

Energy Shield
By combining black obsidian with the orgonite pyramid, it is possible to create an energy shield that can protect against negative energies, in addition to purifying and balancing the environment. It is important to remember that while these tools can be helpful in energy protection, they are not a magic or foolproof solution and it is still important to work on other protective practices such as cultivating positive thoughts and practicing meditation.

Technical description:
Height: 6cm
Base: 6cm
Weight: 130g

Oh look:
As the pyramids are produced by hand, they can have bubbles and scratches and the crystals can have different colors and shapes.

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Pyramid Orgonite Black Obsidian Protection
$ 59,99