Pi Xiu Color Bracelet – Prosperity and Wisdom

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Abundance • Serenity and Balance

Jade is a naturally formed stone that is known for its healing and protective properties. It is a powerful crystal to help promote serenity and balance in all areas of life, seeking to ward off negative energies and strengthen the Heart Chakra.

Jade is a naturally formed stone that has been considered a symbol of luck, protection and healing in many cultures for centuries. It is known for its protective properties, helping to clear negative energy within your aura and providing strong spiritual protection. Jade is also a stone of wisdom, helping to promote emotional balance and mental clarity. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, helping with emotional healing and connecting with others.

This stone can help you:

  • Finding serenity and balance
  • Increase your luck and prosperity
  • Promote emotional and physical healing
  • Increase intuition and wisdom
  • Develop a stronger relationship with yourself and others

About Pi Xiu:
Pi Xiu is a powerful Chinese talisman to bring abundance into the home or workplace. It is known for its ability to bring luck and prosperity to those who use it. It is also considered a spiritual guardian, able to ward off negative energies and protect against evil forces.

Pi Xiu is especially popular with businessmen, investors and gamers in Asia. As a result, it is considered a dominant money attractor.

The Pi Xiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:

  • Conducts good luck and fortune
  • Generates good Feng Shui or Earth Luck
  • Improves wealth and fortune
  • Protect people and homes
  • Protects against evil forces, obstacles and difficulties
  • Brings windfall luck

A truly magical detail:
Pi Xiu is able to change color according to different temperatures! It is a conversation piece that not only adds a touch of style to your look, but also brings a mystical and enchanted touch to your everyday. Use this mighty creature as a unique thermometer for your pulse and marvel at its changing beauty.

Should I use it on my left or right hand?
Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, the one you use for writing.

Where should I put it when I’m not using it?
For example, when you’re sleeping, taking a shower, or any other situation where you’re not using it, place it in an area of the house that’s central, like a living room. Do not place it in your bedroom.

Main function: Attract abundance, good luck, ward off negative energies and promote serenity.

Technical specifications:
Beads Size: 13mm jade (Beads will have an error range of 0.1-0.5mm)
PIXIU Size: 32.7 x 15.5mm
PIXIU material: copper
Inner circumference: 25cm (elastic)
Bracelet type: Elastic beaded bracelet
Weight: 60g

When using the bracelet, please keep away from alcohol, cosmetics and water. Do not wear it while showering and avoid wearing it when you are sweating excessively to prevent PI XIU from fading.

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Pi Xiu Color Bracelet – Prosperity and Wisdom
$ 129,99