Metatron’s Cube Amulet

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The Metatron’s Cube Amulet is a unique and fascinating piece that carries with it the powerful energy of the Supreme Angel Metatron and his connection to the Metatron’s Cube. This pendant has been highly sought after by people seeking more spiritual clarity, connection with the divine and expansion of consciousness.

The Supreme Angel Metatron is known as the angel of wisdom, justice and spiritual transformation. He is responsible for connecting heaven and earth, and is one of the few angels mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as having been elevated to the rank of archangel. The Angel Metatron is believed to possess divine wisdom and is able to guide people on their spiritual journey.

Metatron’s Cube, in turn, is a sacred geometric figure composed of 13 spheres interconnected by straight lines. This symbol is a powerful meditation tool and is used by many people to balance the energies of the body and mind, as well as assisting in manifesting goals and desires.

By wearing the Metatron’s Cube Pendant, it is possible to access the energy of the Angel Metatron and the sacred geometry of the Metatron’s Cube. This can bring many benefits to the person using it, such as:

  • Increased mental and emotional clarity;
  • Greater connection with the divine;
  • Balance of body and mind energies;
  • Increased intuition and creativity;
  • Manifestation of goals and desires;
  • Protection from negative energies.

Through quantum physics, it is known that sacred geometry is a universal language that transcends time and space, and that it can influence the energy and vibration of everything that exists. The Metatron’s Cube Pendant can therefore be seen as a powerful tool for personal and spiritual transformation.

In Kabbalah, sacred geometry is seen as an expression of divine will and is used as a way to connect with divine energy. Through the use of the Metatron’s Cube Pendant, it is possible to access this divine energy and manifest it in our everyday life.

In metaphysics, sacred geometry is seen as a symbol of order and balance in the universe. By wearing the Metatron’s Cube Pendant, it is possible to bring that order and balance into our lives, allowing us to reach a state of inner peace and harmony.

In summary, Metatron’s Cube Pendant is a unique and powerful piece that can bring many benefits to the lives of those who wear it. By accessing the energy of the Supreme Angel Metatron and the sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube, it is possible to find spiritual clarity, connection with the divine, balance and inner harmony.

Technical description

Material: Stainless Steel
Chain length: 50cm
Pendant Length: 3.5cm

Simple care and cleaning tips

1- Avoid contact with chemicals: Keep your necklace away from chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, household cleaners and hair products, as these products can damage the golden finish of stainless steel.
2- Clean Regularly: Clean your necklace with a soft, dry cloth after each use to remove dirt and sweat. If the necklace is very dirty, wash it with warm water and mild soap and dry it completely before storing.
3- Avoid exposure to water: Although stainless steel is water resistant, prolonged exposure to water can damage the necklace’s gold finish. Avoid wearing your necklace when showering, swimming or doing other activities that may expose you to water.
4- Store carefully: Store your necklace in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight. Avoid stacking jewelry together as it may scratch or become tangled.
5- Professional cleaning: If your necklace is very dirty or damaged, consider taking it to a professional jeweler for cleaning and repair. By following these simple care and cleaning tips, your gold stainless steel necklace will remain beautiful and shiny for a long time.

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Metatron’s Cube Amulet
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