Japamala and Bracelet – Shiva Rudraksha

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Transform your spiritual practice with the 7-8mm Shiva Rudraksha Japamala and Bracelet Set.

These sacred Rudraksha beads are carefully selected, nested and hand-tied to create a unique Japamala set. Each 7-8mm Rudraksha bead is a natural product, therefore there may be slight variations in appearance.

Healing Properties of Rudraksha:

  • Controls blood pressure
    Used for Japa prayer and meditation
    Specific beads from different faces of Rudraksha are known to open the heart chakra
    Helps cure physical problems of the stomach, skin and eyes
    It removes any kind of waste, pain and disease from the body, having an anti-aging effect.

According to Hindu mythology, Rudraksha is a tear that fell from Shiva’s eye when He meditated on the sadness of the world. Because of this, the Rudraksha is often associated with Shiva and considered a symbol of his power and blessings.

Wearing a Rudraksha helps calm the mind and increase concentration during meditation, which is important in the Hindu tradition. Also, Rudraksha is used as a protective talisman.

It is considered one of the most prized gems in Hindu culture and is an important part of religious clothing, being worn by priests and spiritual practitioners across the world.

Experience the energy and healing that Rudraksha beads bring to your spiritual and physical life. With this Japamala set, you will have a perfect meditation companion and a nice fashion accessory to wear around your wrist or neck. Get your set now!

Material: Real Rudraksha with 5 compartments
Bead measurements: 7 to 8 mm
Size of the Japamala: 90 cm
Weight: 35 grams
Tassel: 8cm
Bracelet length: 19cm

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Japamala and Bracelet – Shiva Rudraksha
$ 149,99