Cosmic Convergence Tapestry

$ 39,99

Get ready to expand your consciousness with our psychedelic tapestry featuring a woman sitting and transcending the boundaries of space and time in a cosmic convergence. This beautiful piece of art will take you on a journey through the universe and stimulate your mind with its vibrant colors and intricate details. Hang it in your room, meditation space or wherever you want to create a unique and trippy atmosphere. Let this tapestry inspire you to explore the infinite possibilities of your mind and the cosmos.

Technical description:
Large 78 x 59 inches
100% Polyester
Detailed printing and deep colors
Machine washable

Please note that the image shown is merely illustrative, so colors may vary depending on the type of screen used. Also, the size shown may differ a little from the actual size.




150X130 CM, 95x73cm, 150×100 cm, 200x150cm, 230x180cm

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Cosmic Convergence Tapestry
$ 39,99