Amulet Protection 7 Archangels

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The Protection Amulet of the 7 Archangels, brings the energy and protection of powerful celestial beings of the highest order in the angelic hierarchy. Each of the 7 archangels represented on the seal has a specific meaning and brings divine powers to protect, guide and help people in their spiritual and material lives.

The 7 Archangels:

Miguel (Michael): What is like God. His name is like a battle cry. It is invoked to give us courage, form, defense and divine protection, delivering and cleansing people from all evil.

Gabriel: Messenger of God. And the angel of hope, inspiration and communication. It symbolizes the voice of God. And the divine messenger who reveals God’s will to mankind is responsible for announcing God’s plans and actions.

Raphael: God’s healing. Provides physical and mental healing. It can be invoked both for healing injuries and mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. It also helps with spiritual healing for those who have lost their way or had their faith broken. It is the protector of travelers.

Zafqiel: comfort from God. It provides comfort in difficult times and reminds us that the dark side and the light side go hand in hand and happiness and sadness go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other. It helps to overcome the bad moments in life, free us from negative energies and find the light at the end of the tunnel. It teaches that everything is interconnected and that everything we give to others is returned to us.

Zadkiel: Justice of God. Archangel of mercy, benevolence and memory. It provides riches and power in the most varied ways, but also helps to preserve wisdom and goodness. It frees the soul from all blockages and helps to ask for forgiveness and forgive more easily.

Samael: Courage of God. It provides courage, form and justice. Helps when injustice occurs and helps to have courage and form to face all obstacles.

Haniel: the glory of God. Helps maintain understanding, sensitivity and the development of intuition.

This amulet can be used as a personal talisman to invoke the archangels’ protection and help in all areas of your life. To do this, find a quiet and safe place where you can concentrate and hold the amulet in your hands. Visualize a bright white light around you and say a prayer or mantra invoking the archangels, asking for their protection and guidance.

After the invocation, hold the amulet in your hands for a few minutes, allowing the energy of the archangels to flow through it and envelop you in their protection and love. You can use the amulet whenever you need protection and guidance from the archangels.

Technical description:
Necklace Size: 50cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Pendant Size: 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm

Simple care and cleaning tips

1- Avoid contact with chemicals: Keep your necklace away from chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, household cleaners and hair products, as these products can damage the golden finish of stainless steel.
2- Clean Regularly: Clean your necklace with a soft, dry cloth after each use to remove dirt and sweat. If the necklace is very dirty, wash it with warm water and mild soap and dry it completely before storing.
3- Avoid exposure to water: Although stainless steel is water resistant, prolonged exposure to water can damage the necklace’s gold finish. Avoid wearing your necklace when showering, swimming or doing other activities that may expose you to water.
4- Store carefully: Store your necklace in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight. Avoid stacking jewelry together as it may scratch or become tangled.
5- Professional cleaning: If your necklace is very dirty or damaged, consider taking it to a professional jeweler for cleaning and repair. By following these simple care and cleaning tips, your gold stainless steel necklace will remain beautiful and shiny for a long time.

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Amulet Protection 7 Archangels
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