Alice Transcendental Tapestry

$ 39,99

Alice in a psychedelic and transcendental reality.

Let yourself be carried away by the vibrant and intense colors of this surreal rug. Alice, in a meditative position on a mushroom, with her third eye open, will guide you on a journey through unknown and exotic universes. Art melts into a symphony of shapes and colors that will transport you to a magical and surreal world. This rug is an invitation to explore your inner self, to transcend mundane reality and enter a universe of unimaginable experiences.

Technical description:
Large 78 x 59 inches
100% Polyester
Detailed printing and deep colors
Machine washable

Please note that the image shown is merely illustrative, so colors may vary depending on the type of screen used. Also, the size shown may differ a little from the actual size.

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Alice Transcendental Tapestry
$ 39,99